Loopin International Women´s Day Edition

by: ZippyKit

Take me home, build me, and make my eyes blink!

Looping is an educational textile electronics toy: a fun and unique educational electronics kit for all ages. It integrates smart textiles and requires no previous electronics skills, no soldering or sewing! 

The best part? You get two characters in one! You can build an owl monster as well as a sunflower one! If you get bored, you can take your Looping apart and build the other character... all while learning electronics!



1. Technical details:​        

  • Finished diameter:  14cm         
  • Packaging: 18 x 8 x 4cm ​​                                   

2. Materials:      

  •  Common felt      
  • Smart felt ears
  • LED Illuminating eyes 

**Batteries Excluded 2xAA 

3.Caring instructions      

  • Avoid contact with water especially once batteries have been placed inside​. If the toy gets wet, remove batteries, dry toy, and only when fully dried place batteries back.

4. Acknowledgements      

Concept: Elena Corchero      

Design: Elena Corchero      

Technology: Richard Wilson      

Crafted in UK by LostValues Ltd.

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